About Us

Extended Family Enterprises was a local pilot project wholly owned by Displaced Homemakers Network Inc. and soon became a provider to the community for homemaker/home health aides in times of family crisis and illness.

Two groups of trainers completed the instructional program; six in Blytheville and nine in Jonesboro. The trainees completed 75 hours of classroom work, under the instruction of a registered nurse, as well as 30 hours of education in small business management skills at Arkansas State University. They then completed a 90 hour practicum in-home training under the supervision of the area agency on aging after which each individual received a certificate from the University certifying each as a home health aide.

An important aspect of this training is that eventually it was expected that Extended Family Enterprises would evolve into a fully licensed Home Health Agency. The parent organization, Displaced Homemakers, realized that while creating economic development and job creation for “Displaced” homemakers, such a project as this would also fill a growing need in the community for health care. With the high cost of hospital care and shortage of bed, patients are sometimes discharged earlier than they feel they are ready. But they often make a faster recovery in their own homes. With this in mind the organization realizes that these patients may need additional home care. Therefore Displaced Homemakers fostered the development of programs and services to help homemakers who were displaced by divorce, death or other means, who had homemaking skills, but were unable to find a market for those skills. Training in nursing care and business prepares them to find useful employment and in turn provides the community with a needed service.

The training of the aides and the establishing of this project was made possible by funds provided by C.E.T.A., the Arkansas Stat Governor’s special 1% educational linkage grant, and a Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation Grant.

Displaced Homemakers was originally incorporated in 1982 and absorbed the founding incorporation of Displaced Homemakers, Inc.