Frequently Asked Questions

How much do we cost?
Home health is covered by a lot of plans. It may be paid 100% by Medicaid and Medicare. It’s often covered all or in part by health insurance and Worker’s Compensation. Or you may pay the cost yourself. Once we know your personal situation,we can provide complete costdetails.

Why home health care

When you’re facing physical or mental challenges, it’s important to be in the most comfortable place possible, preferably your home where it’s easy to stay in contact with family and friends. And, of course, being surrounded by your own things just feels right.
The federal government and many insurance companies recognize that home can actually help you heal. That’s why they include payments for our services in coverage plans.

Why Us

Established in 1982, we meet all the government guidelines and licensing requirements. But, to us, this is only the beginning. We bond with you and family. We strive on every visit to be your friend. When we begin care, we carefully assess not just your needs but also your likes and dislikes. And we respect your choices. There’s little turnover in our caregivers, so we’re around long enough to get to know you, even your pets and favorite TV shows.

How do we include your famil

Of course, the people who love you want to help. So we become their teachers, demonstrating the things they’ll need to know to assist you. We may discuss diet or exercise or sleep patterns—however we can help them help you.

How can you get our help?

You can contact us and ask for help. But often the people we care for are referred by someone else — physician or nurse, family or friend. Sometimes we are referred by a community agency. And sometimes a very good neighbor contacts us. All it takes is a phone call to start the ball rolling.

Will my physician remain invol

Your physician must sign off on your individual and detailed treatment plan. If you need help taking care of this part, we’re there for you all the way. Throughout your treatment, we’ll report to your physician so he or she can stay on top of your progress.

How can we help?
We’re proud to provide the highest level of personal care for everyone eligible regardless of race, religion, economic status, sex or physical challenge. Please let us know how we can help you.